OM (Meditation 101)

Meditation is a way of turning the attention inward in order to become more aware of our power and our place in the great Web. We will use both powerfully balanced stillness and dynamic movement to explore this powerful, peaceful tool.

Want to know more about SWOP MD ask after class please

We truly care about Self Care

All groups are on Fridays 6pm-7pm

June 5th, July 10th, August 7th,

See for more info

This will be held in baltimore, same place as Reiki Shares


Reiki Share

A Reiki Share is a hands on exchange of energy and goodwill that promotes healing and balance. Reiki is the energy of positive intent, like prayer, and can only build up, help and bolster. All participants will have an opportunity to give and receive. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of training.

Tanisia Smith LMT  is hosting this lovely event at Goddess Within in Baltimore. She is Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna traditions, Practicing for 23 years.

Hope to see you there

All on Fridays 6pm-7pm Free, Donations accepted to cover, beverages, rent, presenter ect.  However No money is completely cool

June 26, August 14,

See for directions ect.

See you there hopefully