End Violence & Show Love Dec 17th

Email for address and time changes.


Remember we have a fb page


Dec 17th about 5pm-8pm

Hosted by: SWOP MD

(event just created. Time may change)


Because of these deaths,
Please come and celebrate life and love with us by being pampered. Full Body Massages, Foot Rubs, Meditation through Ropes, (currently booking a pedicurist, know of anyone who would volunteer please let me know), snacks and beverages. Any requests please let me know. A memorial Book to sign the names of our lost ones due to the violence against us all.
Completely free event.
All while remembering and sending love to our lost ones. We will forever Say Their Names.



I will miss you all

Silver lining is Goddess Within will still offer FREE REIKI SHARE & OM (meditation 101) each once a month.  Swop MD Director will be present hopefully no later than January.

Harm Reduction supplies are still available for free, however you will have to come to me.

Swop Socials/Support groups can still be held, at my home.  Contact me if this is of importance to you. Timing and scheduling will be when you and the majority are available, perhaps til we can schedule an ongoing set time. I know it is strongly suggested Wednesdays at noon every 2 weeks.  That is fine with me, however the venue has changed.  Please message me, email me, text me, or call me if you still want this.

The changes are not because we do not want to provide these services because we sincerely do want to continue as we have.  However, lack of funding and outreach becoming more than what Swop MD currently can support, we have to cut back to be of any use to anyone.

(301)799-4246 SWOP MD

Sex Workers Outreach Project Supporting Safe Consensual Lifestyles Through Advocacy, Harm Reduction, & Education.

As Always, Stay Safe.